Doctors & Engineers are from a good family.

Otherwise, they are a lively, West Coast South Asian garage punk band made up of Sri Panchalam (vocals), Jayson Joseph (guitar), Azeem Khan (keys, synth), Sumi Dave (drums), and Scott Okamoto (bass).

Formed in the months following a 2014 collaboration at Tuesday Night Café, the oldest running Asian-American open mic space in the country, Doctors & Engineers has rapidly grown into a vibrant staple of the Los Angeles Asian-American music scene. Hailed as a must-hear voice of “South Asian female rebellion" by Mishthi Music, a blog about diasporic Desi music, the band is known for its dynamic live shows and its active exploration of South Asian diversity and self-determination.

Following the November 12, 2016 self-release of their energetic debut EP, *From a Good Family" (Good Family Records), the band and its members have been featured in major and independent media, including VICE Noisey, Unite Asia, La Banda Elastica (MX), public radio, various indie podcasts, and more.

“*From a Good Family” celebrates South Asian diasporic experience in America by re-imagining Desi film and folk songs as psychedelic, garage punk, alongside originals inspired by the band’s own hyphenated identities.

Comprised of five songs in four languages - Tamil, Gujarati, Hindi, and English - the EP ranges from psychedelic prog rock such as the band’s original, “Resident Alien,” to raucous, folk-instinctive metalcore such as “Mahisagar Ni Aare (The Mahisagar Swing).” The EP was produced by Los Angeles punk veteran, David O. Jones (Alice Bag, The Deadbeats, Carnage Asada) direct-to-tape at Wasatch Studios for a warm and gritty, analog sound reminiscent of the American 60’s and 70’s.

"*From a Good Family" is available for donation-based digital download on Bandcamp, and can otherwise be found everywhere music can be internet-found today.

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